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Progressive Die is a plate that has complex function more than Single Die. The dies are difference in pros and cons. Progressive Die can produce a work piece in all processes. The price of Progressive Die is fairly high. But, it is often used in vehicle components production industry and in an industry that has to produce a lot of components per month.  Using Progressive Die can reduce capital in terms of setting up too, saving human resource and amount of machines. Customers can inform us the scope of production. We can design All types of Progressive Die for meeting the need of customers. The die is designed by using special program such as Uni Graphic and Auto CAD and all steps of the production are controlled. We have more than 40 years’ experience of plate production. So, we would like to be a part of customer’s achievement through sending the quality plate to customer. Nowadays, Progressive Die can be used with Feeder machine which can increase effectiveness in production, control quantity, and plan TPM for the plate and the machine. If a lot of products need to be produced in each month/year, Progressive Die is an interesting choice. It is worthwhile. The production is also effective. We are producers who produce the quality tooling to customer.

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